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Dog Bites / May 23, 2023

What to Do if a Neighbor’s Dog Bites Your Child

When your child gets injured, a thousand thoughts race through your head. If the injury was caused by a dog bite, there are certain things that you can do to make life easier in the aftermath. There are over 4 million dog bite reports every single year, and the problem is only on the rise in post-pandemic times. Whether it is a lack of training or an increase in pet ownership of dangerous breeds, the problem is real! If it happens to your child, here is what you need to do.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if the bite from the canine was only a small one, it is still essential that you seek care from a medical professional. This is not just to prove that there was an injury sustained, but also to make sure that the child has exactly what they need to avoid infection and further complications. It may be a superficial injury, but that doesn’t mean the child will recover without intervention from a doctor.

Inform the Authorities

Even if you feel like you have a personal obligation to not report the dog for the sake of friendship or otherwise, you have to put that aside. Reporting the dog is a civic duty, and if you don’t do it, someone else is likely to take it out of your hands. If the dog was provoked, there is every chance it will be reunited with its owner. Not all dogs that are taken by the authorities are destroyed; in fact, plenty are observed and returned after a set period of time while the investigation into the incident takes place.

Think About Your Options Moving Forward

Communicating with your neighbors after the incident will enable everyone involved to feel up to date with all the facts. If the injuries are serious, the neighbors will surely be concerned about the child and want to co-operate in any way that they can. It may be the case that if you decide to proceed with legal action down the line, you have to be more mindful about what you say. For instance, saying that your child caused the incident when you don’t have all the facts is a verbal admission that your neighbor can use to get around having to pay compensation in the future. The key is to keep a level head and always look to the professionals.

Find an Attorney

If your child has suffered from life-changing injuries and is now facing life with a disability, or even tragically died as a result of the attack, there are attorneys out there who will represent your case so that you can get compensation for what your family has suffered through. There may be a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit to consider, and you will need the assistance of a professional with experience in this area to see things through.

If your child is a victim of a dog bite, and the neighbor is the one to blame, what you do next depends on how badly your child was hurt and what you want from the process. There are lots of options, and your best bet is to get in touch or pay a visit to one of our Law Offices today.

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