Multi-Car Highway Collision Lawyer in Jackson, MS

multi-car collision

We do not need to tell you there are a lot of vehicles on the roadway. Every day, you and every other motorist share the road with thousands of other vehicles. Often, multiple vehicle types are represented in this thousand, like commercial vans, tractor trailers, small sedans, large passenger SUVs, motorcycles and in some cases, even bicycles. Any time you share the road with another vehicle, you are at risk of being involved in a car accident. Sometimes, a car accident involves multiple vehicles.

Injuries that Can Result from a Highway Collision

There are many ways you can be injured in a collision, whether it involved only one other car or multiple other vehicles. Your injury could be relatively minor, requiring only first aid, or it could be severe enough to leave you permanently disabled. These injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injuries; and
  • Cuts. 

Who is Liable for your Damages in a Multi-car Highway Collision?

The party whose negligence caused the accident is the party liable for the victims’ resulting damages. Typically, the driver whose negligence caused the initial collision is the party liable for victims’ damages in a multicar collision situation. However, this is not always the case. When one driver causes an accident through negligence and another’s negligence exacerbates the damage the initial collision causes, both drivers may be liable for victims’ damages. Sometimes, a party other than one of the drivers involved is the negligent party, such as the manufacturer of a vehicle part that malfunctioned or the government entity that failed to properly maintain the roadway.

Be Proactive and Pursue Compensation for your Damages

Demonstrating how a specific party’s negligence caused the multicar collision that resulted in your injury can be difficult. More than one driver could be at fault and when this is the case, you could be entitled to recover monetary compensation from each negligent driver. A successful personal injury claim requires evidence that shows exactly what happened, how the negligent party breached his or her duty to others, and how your resulting injury directly caused you to suffer specific monetary damages. The evidence you provide with your personal injury claim or claims to support these points should include:

  • Photographs of the accident scene, with specific shots of the skids on the road and the positions of all the involved vehicles;
  • A copy of the official police report for your accident;
  • Copies of any witness testimonies of the collision; and
  • Documentation showing your prognosis, treatment needs, and future limitations caused by the injury.

Work with an Experienced Jackson Car Accident Attorney

When you are injured in a car accident, it is always in your best interest to work with an experienced car accident lawyer to pursue monetary compensation for your damages. This is especially true when you are injured in a multicar accident, because pursuing compensation with this type of claim can be quite complex. To learn more about your rights and legal options, contact Derek L. Hall, PC today to set up your initial consultation in our office.