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At Derek L. Hall, PC, we salute men and women like you who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving our country. In return for this sacrifice, our country has a duty to provide and care for you when you need it the most. However, if you have a service-related disabling condition, getting the veteran’s disability benefits you’re entitled to can be challenging and frustrating for many applicants.

The process of applying for VA disability benefits is often wrought with red tape, complicated paperwork, medical documentation, and rejection. Many veterans are left wondering why it is so difficult to get the benefits they’re entitled to.

At Derek L. Hall, PC, we pride ourselves on aggressively fighting for the rights of those who so bravely fought for us. Our experienced legal team understands the ins and outs of the VA benefits system. With over 25 years of experience helping people across Mississippi, our Jackson veterans’ benefits attorneys are ready to help you cut through the confusion and secure the benefits deserve.

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The Importance of Your VA Disability Rating

The VA has a rating schedule that breaks down veterans’ disabilities into categories. This complex system uses things like diagnosis and codes to assign your disability a rating on the severity and what impact it has on your life.

The less severe the disability, the lower the rating. Ratings are measured in 10 percent increments from zero percent to 100 percent.

How does this rating impact you and your claim? Your monthly disability benefit will vary depending on your rating. The higher your rating, the higher the amount of your benefit.

The VA has a chart that outlines the amount of compensation you may expect to receive, depending on your rating and whether you have dependents. The formula for determining a disability rating is extremely complicated and can get more complex, depending on the nature of your injury or if you have multiple injuries. If you disagree with your rating, you may file an appeal.

There are a variety of benefits that you might be able to qualify for through the VA and other providers. For most programs, you must have been on active service, and you must not have been dishonorably discharged. There are other programs available with more stringent eligibility guidelines as well.

Here is a list of just a few of these benefits programs:

Service-Connected Disability Compensation – This program offers veterans a monthly cash benefit. You must meet the basic eligibility requirements and have suffered an illness or injury during your service that resulted in a disability or made an existing disability worse.

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDP) – This program allows certain retired military members to collect both retirement and disability payments at the same time.

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSP) – This provides compensation to military retirees if they suffered combat-related injuries or illnesses.

VA Pension – This program offers a monthly cash benefit to help disabled veterans. It’s a program needs-based program with income and asset eligibility requirements.

There are other benefits that veterans may be entitled to from the Veterans Benefits Administration, such as education benefits, home loan guarantees, career counseling, discounts, VA burial allowance, and others.

Additionally, disabled veterans might also qualify for two types of Social Security benefits:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – This benefit is funded through payroll taxes from employment. Most VA disability benefits are not income-based, so if you are currently receiving VA benefits, you might also be able to claim SSDI at the same time.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – This is a needs-based government program. If you are a disabled veteran and are getting benefits from the needs-based VA pension program, you might be able to claim SSI benefits at the same time.

It seems like a mountain of information to go through. How do you know which programs are right for you and if you meet the eligibility requirements? A seasoned military benefits attorney with Derek L. Hall, PC can help you sort through the confusion and put you on the right path.

You’ve served your country, and now your life has changed because of it. You deserve the benefits that the federal government is supposed to provide for you, so why has your claim been denied?

It is a hard pill to swallow, but a number of claims are rejected. Bureaucratic red tape is complicated. Not only is there a large volume of information that needs to be submitted, but even small mistakes or discrepancies could be grounds for rejection.

First, don’t give up. You have options for appealing a denied claim. To begin the process, you will need to submit a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) with the regional VA office that denied your benefits claim. A NOD is simply a letter that explains that you disagree with the decision and that you are going to appeal. This notice must include the date of the denial letter, and you must use the exact phrase “Notice of Disagreement.”

Next, choose the type of appeal. You can request a decision review officer appeal either with or without a hearing. You also have the ability to appeal directly to the Board of Veterans Appeals. If you opt for a decision review officer appeal and do not agree with the outcome, you may still take your case to the Board of Veterans Appeals later.

Remember, the clock is ticking. You have only one year from the date of denial to file an appeal. It may feel like there are a lot of hoops to jump through just to get an appeal heard if you try to handle it on your own. However, an experienced VA disability attorney can help you prepare your NOD and strengthen your appeal case. We have a track record of handling veterans’ cases and will aggressively work to help you secure the benefits you need.

Military members have a wide range of duties that could lead to an injury or illness. According to statistics from the VA’s Annual Benefits Report, here are some of the most common disabilities that impact veterans:

While these may be the most common problems, there are other illnesses and injuries that might qualify you to receive VA benefits. If you are curious about whether your injury or illness makes you eligible for benefits, discuss your case with an experienced VA claims lawyer right away.

Why VA Benefits Claims Are So Complex

Let’s be honest, when has completing paperwork for the government ever been easy? Bureaucratic red tape isn’t made to be easily understood, and trying to navigate this system on your own can be daunting.

VA applications are notoriously difficult to complete, and even if you do manage to get through it, your claim might get rejected if you make even the smallest error. There is a unique process involved in how applications are evaluated and processed. An attorney who is experienced with disability benefits for veterans in Mississippi can help you gather the necessary information and evidence to strengthen your claim.

Pensions, Survivor Benefits, and Other VA Claims

Disabled veterans or their families might also be eligible for other VA benefits, such as certain pensions and survivor benefits.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, if a spouse did not remarry and the deceased veteran was not dishonorably discharged, they might be eligible for a survivor’s pension.

Not only are the attorneys at Derek L. Hall, PC well-versed in helping disabled veterans obtain their proper benefits, we can also help family members get the benefits they are entitled to as well. Unless you go digging, you might not know about all of the programs available to help disabled veterans and their families. We can provide you with a wealth of information and the resources to help point you in the right direction.

Talk to an Experienced VA Benefits Lawyer in Jackson Now

Trying to handle your application and navigate the VA benefits system can be very difficult to do alone. This is understandable because nothing about the system is simple or easy. However, you worked hard to serve this country, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to get the benefits you’re owed.

Our attorneys are here to help organize your disability benefits claim and put you in the best possible position to succeed. We understand the application process and what the VA is looking for. Not only can we help you prepare an initial claim, but we can also help you mount an appeal and fight back if you’ve been denied your benefits.

Call Derek L. Hall, PC or reach out to us online now to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced Jackson veteran’s disability lawyers. We’ll be ready to discuss your situation and help you get the disability benefits you’re deserve. We can assist you with your application or help you appeal a denied or undervalued claim.


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