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Dog Bites / July 02, 2018

Canine Attacks

Many people have dogs in their homes and yards, and consider them to be a part of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes beloved pets take their jobs as family protector to the extreme, and innocent people are hurt. Mississippi has had its share of horrendous dog-bite scenarios, including these recent events:

  • One woman had simply knocked on her neighbor’s door, never in a million years expecting what came next. A pit bull raced toward the woman and bit into her foot. The woman screamed and tried to escape, but to no avail. The animal continued its vicious attack, tearing at the flesh of her arms, legs, stomach and feet. Then another tragedy: the woman suffered a massive heart attack. Were it not for the quick thinking of a nearby police officer, who knows how things might have ended? As it is, the woman has had to undergo reconstructive surgery, with more operations to come.
  • Another woman spent two weeks in the hospital after experiencing a mauling involving a pit bull that belonged to a neighbor. She was treated for punctures to her legs, stomach and hand, and had to receive skin grafts to repair damage to her thigh.

What to do in the event of a dog Attack

Dog bites occur with some frequency in this country, but all out attacks are much more rare. Knowing what to do if a dog pursues you relentlessly could save your life.

For starters, be aware of both the subtle and the more aggressive warning signs an unfriendly dog exhibits:

  • Momentarily freezing;
  • Hair raising on its neck or back;
  • A sense of tension;
  • Growling;
  • Baring its teeth;
  • Menacing looks in your direction.

Take a Defensive Posture

If you sense something awful is about to happen, your physical stance can make a difference:

  • Slowly turn sideways;
  • Keep your arms crossed;
  • Pretend to ignore the animal;
  • Remain still until you feel it is safe to slowly retreat;
  • Attempt to put distance and some sort of barrier between yourself and the dog.
  • If necessary, try to signal someone for help without yelling;

If the dog Lunges

If the dog initiates an attack, things could become deadly. It is imperative that you do the following:

  • Try to remain upright;
  • If you fall to the ground, curl up and use your hands and arms to protect your head and throat;
  • Attempt to remain quiet so as to avoid further antagonizing the attacker;
  • Use whatever you have handy to create a barrier between the dog and yourself: a purse, jacket, backpack, etc.;
  • Try to remain calm and wait for help.

In the Aftermath

Nothing is more frightening than a vicious attack. The physical and emotional scarring can take a lifetime to heal. If you are the victim of a confrontation with a malicious dog, the experienced Jackson dog bite lawyers at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC can help you recover damages to deal with the aftermath of the attack. Contact our heavy hitting legal team today for a free, confidential consultation.


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