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Have you been hurt in a car accident in Mississippi that was not your fault? Are you struggling because a negligent driver caused severe injuries? Do you have medical bills and other expenses you were not prepared for?

You’re not alone. Did you know our legal help is available to you?

The car accident personal injury lawyers in Jackson, MS at Derek L. Hall, PC, can give you the advice you need to make sure that you are taken care of. We can fight to get compensation for you. We can help cover all of your medical needs, not just your current bills.

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How to Pay Medical Bills from an Auto Accident Injury in Mississippi

Forbes article recently highlighted a startling fact. Did you know that three-fourths of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck? That means they have no way to set up an emergency savings fund, let alone save for retirement.

You may be one of the millions living paycheck to paycheck. What happens if, out of nowhere, a careless driver crashes into you? Chances are you’re out of work as sky-high medical bills begin to mount. Your financial situation was at one time difficult. Now it has become a full-blown crisis. All it took was one moment of someone else’s carelessness behind the wheel.

Where is the money going to come from to pay your medical bills and other expenses?

At Derek L. Hall, PC, we understand what a car wreck can do. You are not only in pain, but you are also mentally taxed and drained. You don’t know where to turn for help. You might think the insurance company has made you a good offer. When you need money, you might be tempted to take that offer.

You deserve better.

What Our Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do for You After a Traffic Collision in Mississippi

Do not hesitate – contact Derek L. Hall, PC, today. Our motor vehicle collision lawyers will get to work right away. We will gather evidence and learn exactly what happened in your auto accident. We will negotiate aggressively with insurance companies that may be taking advantage of you. We’ll go to court if your personal injury claim cannot be settled for what you deserve.

In short, we fight for you.

What Are the Types of Compensation Available in a Jackson, MS Car Accident Claim

What can you get in compensation after an auto vehicle collision in Mississippi? That depends on the severity of the crash and the extent of your injuries. We know every car wreck case is unique. We don’t hand out generic numbers just to get people to call us. We treat every case on an individual basis. We know you deserve our care and compassion.

And we know you deserve compensation.

If you’ve been hurt in an auto vehicle accident, you might be able to recover from the following bills and expenses:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of wages
  • Future loss of income
  • Pain and suffering

Contact a Jackson car accident lawyer from Derek L. Hall, PC, today. Let us show you exactly how to get repaid for your expenses.

How Car Accidents Happen in Mississippi

According to numbers from MDOT, Mississippi had 690 fatalities on its roads in 2016. Those numbers are staggering, considering the state’s relatively small population. In fact, Mississippi has the highest traffic fatality rate in the nation.

Why are there so many car accidents in Mississippi? Why do Mississippi’s traffic accidents lead to so many injuries and deaths? One factor is the number of rural roads Mississippi has. Rural roads are four times as deadly as city streets.

We have identified several common causes of traffic collisions in Mississippi:

  • Driving under the influence. MDOT estimates that drunk driving accounts for 18 percent of all traffic deaths in Mississippi. The state has the fourth-highest rate of alcohol-related traffic deaths in the country.
  • Distracted driving. Mississippi has the most car crash deaths in the nation that are caused by distracted driving and cell phone use.
  • Driving on rural roads. Rural roads have higher speed limits and less oversight than city streets. Motorists may engage in more reckless driving on rural roads because they are less afraid of getting caught. When car crashes occur on rural roads, it may take longer for emergency responders to reach injured people.

What are the Common Injuries in Jackson, MS Car Crashes

Even a minor fender bender can sometimes cause a concussion or serious neck pain and other injuries. If you’ve been in a car crash, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries might not be apparent right away. A medical professional can determine what injuries you have, seen and unseen, and provide treatment to put you back on the road to recovery.

The injuries from a serious car wreck can be immense. The most common injuries from a car accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Head, neck, and spine injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Knee damage
  • Chest and rib injuries
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Burns

Mississippi Auto Insurance Coverage and Fault Laws

Mississippi is considered an “at-fault” car accident state. The person who caused the accident is “at fault” or responsible for the damage and injuries they caused. This rule seems straightforward enough. However, Mississippi has another rule that can alter the amount of money you may be entitled to after a car accident.

Mississippi also uses a “comparative negligence” rule. This means if you bear some responsibility for what happened, your financial award will be reduced by your percentage of fault for the crash. For example, if a court finds that you were 20 percent responsible for a car crash, your damages award is decreased by 20 percent.

That is why if you are partial to blame for the Mississippi car accident, you need a car wreck lawyer from the legal team of Derek L. Hall, PC. We can help you sort through your options. We can determine the best course of action to get you the money you need and deserve.

How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters After a Traffic Collision In Mississippi

You’re hurt and in pain after a Mississippi car wreck. The medical bills are pouring in, and you’re just trying to stay financially afloat. The last thing you need is to be bullied by insurance adjusters. They spend their days settling claims just like yours – over and over and over again. They are the experts, and they are trying to pay you as little as possible. When insurance companies talk you out of getting the compensation you need, that is ultimately an act of bad faith.

After your car crash, keep these handy tips in mind when dealing with insurance adjusters:

  • Keep calm. You may be feeling frustrated and anxious, but you should remain calm. Don’t miss important pieces of information or say anything you’ll later regret. You may feel angry and annoyed while on the phone, but your best course of action is to remain calm and polite.
  • Who are you talking to?  Write down or record the name of the person with whom you are talking. Also, record the name of the company they work for and a direct phone number.
  • Don’t go into detail. Insurance adjusters might fish for information about you, your work, and your income. They’ll also ask about the accident itself and the injuries you suffered. Remember that you don’t need to go into detail on their questions. You may believe you are doing the right thing by telling your side of the story. However, a mistake or forgotten detail about the crash can be used against you – especially if the insurance adjuster doesn’t want to pay what you deserve.
  • Always take notes. Take good notes on any conversation that you have with an insurance adjuster.
  • Don’t consent to recorded conversations. Remember the adjusters cannot record you without your permission. Some insurance adjusters will tape your conversation and claim it is for your protection. That conversation may then be used against you. If you make a mistake, forget to mention a small detail or stumble through a complicated question, this can later be used as the reason for an unfair settlement.
  • Don’t jump on the first offer. An insurer handles car accident claims day in and day out. Insurance adjusters want to get in and get out as quickly as they can and for as little money as possible. Remember that the insurance company is a for-profit business. Resist the urge to take the initial offer. It will be tempting to take the money now, but will it be enough to cover all of your expenses?
  • Call an attorney. As you can see, insurance adjusters handle car accident cases all the time. They’re waiting for you to make an error when you file a claim. Any mistake gives them cover and an excuse not to pay out what they owe.

It’s easy to make a mistake when you try to deal with an insurance company on your own, but you don’t have to. An experienced car accident attorney can speak with the insurance agent on your behalf.

At Derek L. Hall, PC, we know how to deal with insurance companies. We know how to get you the compensation that you need to recover and pay off your bills.

What are the Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Mississippi Car Accident Claim

Here’s how to avoid common mistakes that could hurt your injury claim:

  • Don’t lose track of time. You are trying to heal from your injuries and get back to living a normal life. But the clock is ticking. The longer you wait to file a claim, the harder it can be to recover for everything you deserve. Evidence may not have been preserved, witnesses may have moved on, and the details get harder to remember. In Mississippi, you have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim. After this deadline has passed, it might be impossible to get the money you’re owed.
  • Be sure to see a doctor. Not seeking medical attention for your injuries is a common mistake. Yes, medical treatment is expensive. However, failing to get medical care can make it even more difficult for you to heal. It can also be held against you when you file an injury claim.
  • Never exaggerate or misrepresent the nature of your injuries. Both of those actions can put your claim in jeopardy.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the official accident report. The police accident report is an official record and an important piece of evidence. It details many of the circumstances of the accident.
  • Be sure you keep your own records and documents. Keep medical records, doctor notes, conversations with insurance adjusters, and photos of the crash and your injuries. These are all important pieces of the accident that need to be preserved.
  • Get legal advice. The last mistake you should avoid making is not seeking legal advice after a motor vehicle accident. Contact a Jackson car accident lawyer from Derek L. Hall, PC for a free case review. You’ll also get help recovering the compensation you need.

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