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A variety of VA benefits may be available to a deceased veteran’s surviving family members or to the survivors of a deceased VA claimant. For example, where a veteran was receiving VA disability compensation or pension, the surviving spouse of that veteran may be entitled to VA benefits that the veteran would have received the month the veteran died.

A survivor of a veteran whose death is service-connected is eligible to receive an amount set by statute to cover or defray the cost of burial and funeral expenses.

Other VA benefits, such as education benefits, VA home loans and VA health care, may also be available to certain survivors.

Several other significant survivor benefits include: (1) lump-sum accrued or other benefits that are based on claims filed by the veteran when he or she was alive; (2) monthly VA benefits such as DIC or death pension; and (3) a special survivor’s benefit, REPS, available to surviving spouses and children in the case of certain service-connected deaths. In addition, there are benefits and rules that apply to survivors of deceased Vietnam veterans who died from herbicide-related diseases.

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In order to claim VA benefits as a veteran’s dependent or surviving family member, a person must demonstrate a qualifying family relationship to a veteran. However, there are certain VA benefits available to children of Vietnam veterans born with spina bifida, which fall into a special category and are exempt from certain requirements.

There are several categories of qualifying family relationships. They include:

  • Spouse
  • Surviving spouse
  • Child
  • Surviving child
  • Dependent parent
  • Surviving parent

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