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Divorce / December 12, 2019

What Men Need to Know About Divorce

For many men, divorce is an unexpected twist in life that really throws them for a loop. After feeling in charge of things, it can be quite unsettling to discover that suddenly, changes are coming your way that you not only did not choose; you really have only limited ability to direct the changes. That being said, it’s critical to find a good local attorney who understands your positions, and who is willing to negotiate a good outcome for you. Beyond that, there are a number of things that you need to wrap your head around. So take a deep breath and get ready for what’s coming your way.

  • Separate your emotions from what’s smart. For example, you may really feel like keying her car (or worse), but common sense tells us that’s not a good idea. On the other hand, it may seem like you deserve an expensive vacation to soothe your soul right now. Blowing a bunch of cash, however, could come back to haunt you.
  • Try to come to terms with splitting up property. Mississippi courts adhere to the concept of equitable division, with the intent of providing a settlement that is fair to both parties. If you were the major breadwinner, it may be discomfiting to have to part with your hard-earned assets, but that’s exactly what will have to happen. So be honest, and make an effort to amicably divide things up. Battling over assets will ultimately run up the cost of the divorce, so you’re much better off coming to an agreement with your ex on your own if possible.
  • Prepare for the possibility of alimony. If you are ordered to pay spousal support, it’ll be because the court deems it necessary, so you may as well buck up and write the checks without giving yourself ulcers about it. It may be either one lump sum or payments over time, but is it is awarded on the basis of need/ability to pay, not as a punitive measure. Realize, too, that if you were the lesser-earning spouse, you may be entitled to receive this support from your ex. While you may be resistant to getting payments from her, you should swallow your pride and accept support if offered in order to help you moving forward.
  • Understand that kids are expensive! Child support orders are based on real expenses. If you’re afraid your former spouse will party the money away instead of using it to benefit your kids, try to create a settlement that allows you to make direct payments to child care providers and others. If you do have to write out a monthly check to your ex, make sure your payments are on time and try not to grimace too much.

Getting it Right

While every settlement is different, the experienced Jackson divorce attorneys at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC will work to ensure that your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible, and will fight to arrange a fair agreement. Our heavy hitters deal with all kinds of demands in divorce cases, and are ready to listen and deliver positive results for you. Contact our office to schedule your free, confidential consultation today.

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