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Divorce / November 22, 2019

How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney

If you’re an average American, chances are you’ll be married some time before reaching the age of 50. If it’s your first marriage, there’s about a 40 percent chance of divorcing sometime thereafter. Roughly 800,000 people a year find themselves in this group. Luckily, three out of four people find love again, remarrying within three years of a break-up. The bad news is, individuals in a second marriage have only about a 40 percent chance of living happily ever after. For the rest, thoughts of divorce will come creeping into the relationship, sometimes festering for two years or more. It’s not a very optimistic view of marriage, but it’s what the statistics tell us. If you find yourself in need of a competent divorce attorney, there are a number of considerations that come to the forefront.

What Matters Now?

This is a difficult time in your life. Not only are you enveloped with emotional turmoil; you are also in a position where you will be forced to make important decisions that will have a lasting impact on your future. You need an attorney. But how to proceed? There are some key issues that matter in a big way:

  • Jurisdiction: Because laws or procedures can be very different in different parts of the state and/or country, it is essential that you find an attorney who is licensed locally. He or she should be cognizant of jurisdictional processes and statutes, and familiar with local officials, practices, and courts.
  • Issues central to your situation: While any divorce attorney may know the basics of California law, when there are specific concerns about particular matters, it is important that your attorney has experience dealing with those types of problems. Are you worried about potentially hidden assets? About future spousal support issues? Perhaps you fear unfounded accusations may fly in order to give your spouse a leg up during custody negotiations. Whatever the issues, be sure your chosen attorney is not using your case as a “learning opportunity.” You deserve experienced representation!
  • Negotiation Power: How adept is your chosen attorney when it comes to negotiations? Did you realize that the majority of divorce cases are settled out of court, with the give and take discussions that occur between rivaling attorneys? Can you trust yours to represent your wishes and get the best possible outcomes? If not, it may not be the best choice to have this representative by your side during such a momentous ordeal.
  • Courtroom Experience: In some circumstances, however, a judge must make final determinations because the parties are unable to come to an equitable agreement. If you wind up going before a judge with unsettled matters, you definitely want an attorney who knows how to get around a courtroom. Arguments before a judge must be persuasive and effective.

Making the Right Choice

So how can you possibly know whether or not a given attorney meets these standards? Naturally, a confidential consultation is in order. At the office of Derek L. Hall, PC, our Jackson divorce attorneys know that choosing the right attorney is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes. We encourage you to schedule a free, confidential consultation in our office. You can get a feel for our heavy hitting team, and we can give you our initial take on your situation. Contact us today!


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