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Divorce / April 06, 2019

Should You be Considering Divorce?

People who are unhappy in their marriages often feel guilty when thoughts of divorce cross their minds. They feel like failures, as though they are letting everyone down, from their children to extended families and friends. Nonetheless, sometimes divorce is absolutely the right choice. Marriage counselors note that some circumstances are simply not healthy, and starting over is very much the best idea. Having a Jackson divorce attorney by your side is always a good idea when you are contemplating a split.

It’s not a Failure

The truth is, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Although some situations, like those involving violence, addiction, or constant cheating, signal loud and clear that you deserve better, many relationships have more subtle clues that they are dysfunctional. Absent huge, obvious signs, then, how do you know that it’s time to move on? Instead of thinking of divorce as a failed marriage, try regarding it as a brave new step forward to having the life you deserve

Counseling Doesn’t Work

If you’ve given counseling a good effort to no avail, chances are the problems run too deep. Or perhaps your spouse refuses to participate in counseling all together. In any situation where one or both of you simply aren’t willing to work on the relationship, it’s highly unlikely that things are going to get any better. So you have to decide whether or not you can be satisfied with the status quo, or if you want something more out of a relationship.

Cruel Words and Negative Vibes

Although all couples have arguments, some couples just don’t fight fair. If brutal comments and angry daggers are part of the routine when couples disagree, it can be close to impossible to solve problems while licking your wounds. Even if your partner does not take things in that direction, frequent arguments can still be a problem. If there are significantly more negative interactions than positive ones between couples, the marriage is in real trouble. Marriage counselors say that ideally, couples should strive for at least five positive interactions for every single negative one. If your ratio is off, it could signal bigger problems.

Clashing Values

Do your arguments seem to stem around the same few issues, which are rooted in deeper values? If one spouse values independence and freedom, while the other cherishes time together, it’s obvious that problems will arise. The same is true for any differences in core values, related to money, religion, future goals, or anything else.

Take the Plunge

After careful consideration, if you decide that divorce is the right move for you, having a heavy hitting attorney on your side to fight for the best possible outcomes is the smartest thing you can do for yourself.  Contact the aggressive team at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC in Jackson for a confidential consultation today.

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