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Personal Injury / October 18, 2018

Electric Scooters Pose Safety Risks

Electric scooters are taking the country by storm, as commuters opt for this seemingly easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. But if the e-scooters are so great, why are city managers across the United States calling the devices a menace and a public safety hazard? If your encounter with an electric scooter resulted in personal harm, you may be well advised to seek the counsel of a local personal injury attorney.

Emergency Rooms Kept Busy

Doctors have substantiated the claim that electric scooters are, indeed, a potential health risk. Emergency rooms throughout the country report daily incidents involving the treatment of patients whose e-scooter experience wound up causing serious injuries to themselves or others.

What Makes E-Scooters so Dangerous?

One electric scooter rider described the aftermath of his electric-scooter accident as feeling like his mouth was filled with particles the size of salt grains. Unfortunately, one man experienced a mouthful of shattered teeth. They, along with his arm, were broken.

A number of factors that impact all vehicles are particularly treacherous for those on an e-scooter. Ruts in the roadway or uneven surfaces, poor weather conditions, and heavy vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic are all serious problems for e-scooters. Additionally, riders have to contend with lower visibility, impatient drivers, and relatively little protection in the event of a collision.

Beyond these obvious issues, e-scooters are risky due to some additional factors. According to Entrepreneur Magazine the possibility of problems with both hardware and software is significant. The reason: competitive marketing has forced manufacturers to rush products out to consumers, making the probability of corner-cutting particularly appealing.

Finally, electric scooters are so new to the United States that regulations are having a hard time catching up to usage. In Mississippi, while there are laws on the books related to motor scooters and autocycles, electric scooters are different, and it’s not clear precisely what the rules are from city to city.

Who is Liable after an Electric Scooter Accident?

Incidents involving electric scooters may have an array of causes, and the liability differs depending on individual circumstances:

  • Accidents related to malfunctions may put the manufacturer at fault;
  • Riders involved in auto-scooter accidents may be able to prove the motorist’s negligence;
  • Pedestrians who experience personal injuries following a collision with a scooter rider who was reckless, or who was riding in a prohibited area, may place liability on the rider of the electric scooter;
  • Riders who rent scooters that malfunction may discover that the device was poorly maintained, making the business liable.

Heavy-Hitting Justice

If you find yourself in the emergency room following an accident with an electric scooter, determining liability is the first step in getting your bills taken care of. At the office of Derek L. Hall, PC, our legal team is prepared to do what it takes to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Contact us in Jackson for a free, confidential consultation today.


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