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Personal Injury / January 15, 2019

Exploding Blenders Result in Serious Injuries

Be careful when you make a smoothie! It seems one model—the Nutribullet blender ,has been associated with severe injuries to people across the United States. That’s right, lawsuits are popping up in each of the 50 states claiming that Nutribullet’s manufacturer, Capital Brandsis liable for these injuries. If you’ve had a dangerous encounter with a Nutribullet, it may be worth your while to discuss the situation with a local personal injury attorney.

Troubling Malfunctions

Consumers who have filed complaints about the Nutribullet have made a number of claims as to the types of injuries for which the device is responsible. They say that the blender malfunctions in two key ways:

  • As the blender is running, the whirling blades cause overheating. This leads to the build-up of excessive pressure, causing the device to literally explode while in use;
  • When the Nutribullet is used, the overheating that results causes pressure to build up. When the user removes the lid, that pressure is released, causing the blade assembly to shoot out & the base of the device to come apart.

Serious Injuries Result

This device has caused severe and long-term harm to multiple individuals. The number and variety of injuries is alarming:

  • The sharp blades have shot out, slicing the hands, arms, faces, necks, and upper bodies of numerous users;
  • Liquids that overheated in the blender have erupted out, causing severe burns and even some cases of potentially long-term disfigurement;
  • At least one woman was hit in the mouth by the base of the blender as she removed the lid to retrieve her drink. The pressure sent the base hurtling toward her face, breaking multiple teeth.

The Company’s Response

Not surprisingly, the manufacturer of the Nutribullet, Capital Brands, denies any liability for accidents related to their product. It is impossible, they say, for their product to malfunction as has been reported. They contend that any problems with the Nutribullet must be related to the improper use of the device. In fact, they purport that the blender is equipped with a safety feature that causes it to automatically shut down after one minute of continued use, making overheating impossible.

Video Contradicts Company Manufacturer

The denials by Capital Brands looks weak in light of video evidence that shows the blender exploding after 2 minutes, and in another instance, after ten minutes of continued use. It seems clear that:

  • The blender does not shut itself off automatically after one minute;
  • The blender does overheat and explode.

Legal Action

Current claims against Capital Brands contend that the company was aware of the dangers posed by the blender, and that they took no action to warn consumers or to recall the faulty products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes that complaints about the blenders have been coming in since 2007, but that Capital Brands still sells the machine in multiple locations. If you have one of these devices in your home, it might be wise to think twice about using it. If you’ve already suffered a severe injury due to an unexpected malfunction, call the attorneys at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC in Jackson for the legal help you need and deserve. We will go to bat against corporate greed on your behalf.


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