VA Announces Changes After Supreme Court Ruling

The Veteran’s Administration, in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling making it unconstitutional to deny marriage license to same sex couples. The VA, which has consistently denied benefits to same sex couples, regardless of whether they received a valid marriage license in those states who granted them, has changed its rules.

Now, same sex partners are eligible for the same benefits as any married couple. The ruling lifts restrictions on VA guaranteed home loans, survivor benefits, burial benefits, the whole nine yards. Now those military personnel no longer have to worry about their loved one’s being taken care of once their service is over.

The VA will reportedly be implementing the changes, including pending benefits. However, those claims will be put on temporary hold until the guidelines are disseminated.

Stay tuned. We will be checking back to see what new regulations will be in effect and learning how to navigate the rules.

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