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Divorce / February 07, 2019

The Impact of Stress on Relationships: Will a Government Shutdown Destroy your Marriage?

Studies consistently demonstrate that high levels of stress have a negative impact on both satisfaction and longevity in a marriage. With 800,000 families suffering the immediate effects of the government shutdown, and the domino effect that is having on other contractors and businesses, is the country looking at a wave of divorce filings? If your marriage is on the rocks, seeking the counsel of a local Jackson divorce attorney may be the best thing you can do.

Stress Bubbling Up Due to Shutdown

It seems without question that people are experiencing more anxiety and stress as a result of the government shutdown:

  • Furloughed workers are not getting paid;
  • Businesses and communities that rely on government employees’ spending are suffering the absence of dollars in the market;
  • Defaulting on bills will result in declining credit ratings;
  • Reduced credit ratings will make it more difficult to secure a mortgage in the future;
  • Individuals who are used to working and now find themselves with time on their hands may become bored, restless, and anxious;
  • Many families who are used to being self-sufficient have to rely on charity and government programs to make ends meet;
  • Breadwinners who are unable to provide for their families may experience shame, depression, and a sense of hopelessness;
  • The “not knowing” when circumstances will change can gnaw at people, causing even more stress.

Impact of Stress on a Marriage

Relationships that are drowning in stress can be fraught with arguments and frustrations. Stress can also have a negative impact on physical health. In fact, it can triple the risk of heart attack. Research reveals much about stress and marital relationships:

  • The anxiety and depression that often complements stress frequently leads to new and bigger problems in the relationship;
  • As people become more irritable and frustrated, they often display signs & symptoms of anger, reducing patience and leading to conflicts that escalate over time;
  • Communication skills deteriorate, as couples lose focus on their partner’s needs, become more critical of one another, and struggle to discuss difficulties. This, in turn, can lead to issues with trust and intimacy;
  • As positive interactions wane and conflict increases, the marriage is strained, all too often leading to divorce.

Dealing with Stress

Experts provide a number of suggestions for couples who are facing extraordinary stress:

  • Exercise;
  • Yoga or meditation;
  • Talking things out;
  • Breathing exercise;
  • Laughter (watching funny movies, etc.);
  • Enjoying nature;
  • Shut down catastrophic thoughts;
  • Avoid watching the news.

When a Relationship Collapses

In the event your marriage does not survive the stress of the day, the heavy hitters at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC can help. Let our experienced and knowledgeable legal team address the issues that are most critical to you. Contact us today in Jackson for a free, confidential consultation.


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