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Auto Accidents / January 16, 2018

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs in Mississippi

First responders can attest to the fact that vehicle collisions can be horrendous for everyone involved. In particular, intersection crashes are often hair-raising: shrieking tires, mangled vehicles, and, in the most disturbing cases, serious injuries and even fatalities. If you or a loved one is the victim of an intersection crash due to another driver’s reckless ignorance of a traffic signal, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Mississippi Law

One of the most common traffic violations, running stop signs and red lights can result in a roughly $225 in fines, depending on the Mississippi county in which the infraction occurs. Going through a yellow light is legally defensible, but a red light requires a stop behind the painted limit line. When no such line exists, the stop must occur prior to the intersection. Ignoring this common sense law can result in tragedy.

Injuries Related to Intersection Crashes

Hospitals report that intersection collisions tend to result in exceptionally serious injuries.Over 60 percent of these injuries involve chest injuries, while another one-third of victims experience trauma to the head. Obviously, these issues can have long-term health and financial repercussions, and some result in death.

An Overview of the Types of Intersection Collisions

  • Head-on collisions may occur in intersections when one or both vehicles attempt a left turn. In these circumstances, people who are secured in a seatbelt frequently experience injuries to the chest and lower limbs. Even more serious problems can occur for those who are not belted in: in addition to grave damage that may occur to the pelvis, legs, feet and chest, facial fractures are not uncommon.
  • T-bone crashes are one of the most common, and most serious types of collisions that occur in intersections. When door panels are crushed into the human body, individuals may experience any number of devastating injuries, including injuries to the abdominal cavity, the chest, and the lower extremities. Persons seated on the side of the vehicle that did not receive direct impact are susceptible to chest and head trauma. As in head-on collisions, the severity of the disaster increases for those who were not properly restrained in a seat belt. Younger children who are not secured in cars seats or booster seats are particularly vulnerable.

After an Intersection Crash

When another driver fails to stop as required, the consequences can be devastating. If you or a loved one is struggling to recover from serious injuries, or if a fatality has resulted from the collision, you need the help of the aggressive and tenacious legal team at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC in Jackson. You may be entitled to damages to assist with medical bills, lost current- and future-wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our attorneys will not rest until securing the best possible outcomes for you. Give us a call today for a free, confidential consultation.

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