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Personal Injury / August 12, 2019

Rollover Accidents

Any motor vehicle accident can be devastating, none more so than a rollover accident. The utter violence associated with a rollover incident is terrifying and, unfortunately, results in serious injuries and fatalities all too often. If you or a loved one are involved in a rollover crash due to another driver’s recklessness or negligence, the counsel of a local personal injury attorney could prove to be of value.

Causes of Rollovers

Certainly, many factors may contribute to rollover accidents. Research indicates that certain vehicle-types are more prone to, and particular kinds of roads are more frequent sites of these incidents. Specifically, what do we know about these dramatic accidents? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informs us that the majority of rollovers are tripped, meaning the vehicle’s tires leave the pavement and wrestle with softer soil, or collide with objects such as guardrails or curbs, causing the vehicle to flip. Issues connected to these kinds of accidents include:

  1. Vehicles with a high center of gravity are much more vulnerable to rollovers in single-car incidents;
  2. High speeds are connected to fatal rollover crashes: 75 percent of fatal rollovers occur on roadways with a posted speed limit of 55+ miles per hour;
  3. Alcohol impairment contributes to roughly one out of every two rollover crashes;
  4. The vast majority—nearly 75 percent—of fatal rollovers occur in rural areas, where undivided lanes exist with few or no barriers.
  5. Factors such as weather, road conditions, and mechanical failures can all contribute to rollovers;
  6. Some rollover incidents are the result of a driver attempting to swerve around unexpected hazards in the road, such as an animal or fallen cargo from another vehicle;
  7. The percentage of single-vehicle incidents that become rollover incidents is over 80 percent, indicating that driver behavior is by far the greatest factor in these incidents.

Local Rollovers

Sadly, Mississippi is no stranger to rollover occurrences. Recent events in the news include:

  • A single car rollover accident that injured five individuals in Tishomingo County:
  • The ejection of two individuals after the vehicle in which they were riding rolled over in Biloxi;
  • A rollover accident in Yazoo County that landed the vehicle in a ditch and resulted in one fatality.

Clearly, innocent passengers in single- or multiple-vehicle incidents are burdened with physical and emotional trauma following rollover accidents. In worst-case scenarios, they lose their lives. Whether the accident was due to negligent vehicle maintenance, reckless actions like drinking and driving, or careless distractions like cell phone usage, drivers must be held accountable for the carnage following such an accident.

Heavy Hitting Legal Representation

To pursue damages following a rollover accident, you want aggressive, effective legal representation. At the office of Derek L. Hall, PC, you can count on our Jackson rollover attorneys to fight vigorously for justice on your behalf. Contact our office to schedule a free, confidential consultation today. If we accept your case, it will cost you nothing unless we win for you


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