Mississippi Pileups

pileup auto accident in Jackson, MS

A seven-vehicle pileup in McComb claimed the lives of two people one September day, and sent several patients to nearby hospitals. The effects of the tragedy will be long-lasting and costly for families who are faced with the emotional, physical, and financial aftermath of the collision. If you become the 4 victim of such an accident, having a heavy hitting legal team fighting for your rights can improve outcomes significantly.

A Frequent and Persistent Issue in Mississippi

The fact of the matter is, Mississippi has more than its fair share of multi-vehicle accidents. Consider just a handful of recent cases:

  • As emergency workers addressed a smoking vehicle in Blue Springs, a five-car pileup at the scene took their attention. Immediately thereafter, a six-vehicle pileup occurred in the same area, this one involving two big rigs. That led to yet another vehicle trying to avoid the whole mess, and driving down the median, ultimately crashing into the cable barrier. Then an SUV and a semi-truck collided on the Blue Springs Bridge. At the end of the day, fourteen vehicles were damaged, and three people hospitalized.
  • One woman died early one morning in Pascagoula after being involved in a nine-vehicle pileup. Several others were injured.
  • One fatality and nearly 20 injuries resulted from a pileup in Prairieville one evening. The incident involved an 18-wheeler that careened into a line of stopped vehicles, causing a domino of crashes.

Causes of Pileups

A number of issues can contribute to pile ups on Mississippi roadways, not the least of which is human error. Drivers who take to the road when under the influence of debilitating prescriptions, illegal drugs, or alcohol have poor reasoning and slower reaction times than sober drivers. On the other hand, even someone who hasn’t used mind-altering substances put others at risk when they are not fully focused on the road. It takes only an instant for a tragedy to occur. Particular conditions make driver concentration particularly important:

  • Weather conditions that result in slick or icy roadways;
  • Poor visibility due to fog, precipitation, darkness, or smoke;
  • Emergency lights at the scene of a problem that causes traffic to slow as drivers eye the situation;
  • Reckless driving at speeds that challenge current conditions;
  • Following other drivers too closely, putting your front end at risk in the event of quick or unexpected brake lights.

Have you been Injured in a Pileup?

If a careless or reckless driver has caused a pileup that has resulted in substantial injury to you or a loved one, the Jackson car accident attorneys at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC can help. Contact our office to discuss your situation today.