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Motorcycle Accident / July 11, 2023

How Motorcyclists Can Stay Safe on the Roads

Riding a motorbike can be one of the most liberating experiences, but it also comes with a world of danger, including horrific fatal accidents. To stay safe on the road, motorcyclists must wear protective gear and act with caution. To learn more about keeping safe on the road, continue reading below.

Wear Protective Gear

Motorcyclists must wear a helmet under universal motorcycle laws, but the reasons for wearing one run much deeper than this. Given the majority of motorcycle fatalities are caused by head injuries, the helmet is the most important piece of protective gear. When shopping around for a helmet, you should make sure it meets the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators testing standards.

To get the most out of a motorbike helmet, it needs to fit your head properly. There should be zero vision obstructions, zero slippage and it should cover the majority of your head. As well as this, a full-face helmet will provide maximum protection, so avoid windscreen-only models.

Leave Sufficient Space

One of the most common mistakes made by all road users is not leaving enough stopping distance behind the car in front. Even though a motorbike stops faster than a car, they still need a fair bit. For example, if a motorbike is traveling at 70mph, it will need around 245 feet to brake.

Unfortunately, anti-lock braking systems aren’t the standard for most bikes because the technology is still being introduced. Therefore, if a motorcyclist slammed on the brakes, they’d lose control and wind up sliding across the tarmac.

Check the Weather

Motorbikes aren’t as solid as other vehicles, which is why riding in adverse weather conditions is much more dangerous. As there are only two wheels on a motorbike, there’s only half the traction. As well as this, there’s less visibility riding in the rain than driving, which can lead to accidents. Therefore, you should always check the weather report before setting off, and plan to make stops if the weather takes a volatile turn.

Look Twice

This tip is more for drivers of other vehicles, but it’s a crucial part of motorcyclist safety that is worth discussing here. Motorbikes are much smaller than cars, which can make them hard to see. Unfortunately, too many drivers miss motorbikes and cause accidents. However, if drivers took just another couple of seconds to check again, so many lives could be saved.

Even though other vehicle drivers have more responsibility to check twice for motorbikes, it doesn’t mean riders should neglect to double-check. After all, it’s best to drive cautiously than to end up involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Keeping safe while riding a motorbike is essential, but you need to take into account the actions of other road users as well. Therefore, even though car drivers should double-check for motorbikes, it doesn’t mean all of them are. If you follow the advice outlined above, you’re more likely to avoid a fatal collision.

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