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Auto Accidents / December 27, 2019

Driving in Inclement Weather

Although snow is a rarity in the Magnolia State, driving conditions are often treacherous due to other weather issues. In fact, Mississippi is among the most dangerous states in the union for driving during rain. While you may use common sense to handle your vehicle safely, the sad fact is that it only takes one negligent or reckless driver to change your life forever. If you find yourself or a loved one suffering the effects of another motorist’s irresponsible action on the road in inclement weather, you need a heavy-hitting personal injury attorney on your side.

Responsible Driving

While it’s true that weather issues can impact even the most conscientious motorist, there are certainly sensible steps every driver can take in the event a rainy or foggy commute is required:

  • Keep your vehicle in good shape. There should be plenty of tread on tires, including the spare, and they should be properly inflated. It’s important to keep tires rotated on a regular basis. Wiper blades need to be functioning well, and vehicle headlights and tail lights should be working.
  • Avoid running out of gas during a storm by keeping your tank filled at least halfway at all times.
  • Recognize that posted speed limits are maximums. Rainy or foggy weather generally necessitates slowing down, which means drivers need to plan for extra time on the road in order to make it to their destinations safely.
  • Keep an eye out for standing water, which could lead to hydroplaning. This often means avoiding outer lanes where water tends to accumulate.
  • If you do experience hydroplaning, take your foot off the accelerator, but don’t slam on your brakes. Instead, continue to steer in the direction you wish to go and gently pump your brakes.
  • Turn off your cruise control!
  • Give yourself plenty of room around other drivers. If someone else skids out or encounters difficulties, have enough distance to give yourself a reasonable chance of avoiding disaster. That means keeping several car lengths between you and the vehicle ahead for every 10 miles per hour of speed.
  • Keep both hands firmly planted on the wheel, and your eyes on the road. You cannot afford distractions during inclement weather.
  • Avoid erratic lane changes, sudden braking, or rapid acceleration.
  • Keep your windows clear of fog by turning on the defroster or opening windows a crack.
  • Keep your headlights on to increase visibility for other motorists. If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights, use them.

It Pays to Use Caution

Following these simple, common sense recommendations can mean the difference between a safe arrival at your desired destination, and a detour to the hospital. That being said, even if you drive cautiously, another irresponsible motorist could cause an unavoidable accident that involves you. In the event you are the victim of another driver’s recklessness, the experienced Jackson auto accident attorneys at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC have your back. Contact us in our office to schedule a free, confidential consultation today.


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