Dealing With Insurance Companies

I had someone come into my office a few weeks ago regarding representation for a car wreck in which she was involved. She said she didn’t know if she needed a lawyer, because the insurance company was being “so nice.” She said that they even sent her a check to pay for part of her medical bills. I asked to see the check. The check was for less than a thousand dollars (her ambulance bill alone was nearly $1500). On the reference line for the check were the words “Full and Final Settlement of Bodily Injury Claim.” If she would have cashed that check, she would have inadvertently settled her lawsuit against the person and the insurance carrier and would not have been entitled to receive another dime for her injuries.

She has subsequently required many more trips to the doctor, MRI’S, physical therapy and will possibly be facing surgery in the future. I accepted her case, wrote the insurance carrier and told them not to contact her until they heard from me. Her rights are protected and her claim is safe. She can now seek treatment and we will force the insurance carrier to pay her the full value of her claim.

Don’t be sucked in by a “nice” insurance adjuster. They work for the insurance company and will do anything to protect the insurance company’s money. Was this little trick they tried to pull on our client unethical…I think it was. Was it illegal? In a word “no.” Don’t go it alone. IT’S TIME TO CALL DEREK HALL. Get the money you are entitled to and the attorney who will make sure of that.