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Personal Injury / September 04, 2018

Dangers for Drivers of Big Rigs

If you drive a big rig, you face dangers on the road every day. Studies show that over 10 percent of highway accidents involve the behemoths, and 6 percent of fatalities are connected to them. If you or a loved one drives a truck and experiences serious injuries or death as a result of an accident, it might be worthwhile to discuss the circumstances with a local personal injury attorney.

Risks on the Road

What makes driving an 18-wheeler more dangerous than other types of vehicles? Clearly, the size and weight can lead to difficulty slowing down in an emergency, and when a driver loses control of several tons of steel, the results can be disastrous.

There are many issues that factor into accidents involving these vehicles. According to the Department of Transportation, roughly a quarter of accidents involving big rigs are attributable to problems with brake systems that have been improperly maintained or are otherwise faulty. That is more than ten times the number of accidents passenger vehicles are in as a result of complications with brakes.

Another central issue with big rigs is an interruption in the flow of traffic. When vehicles come to a sudden stop, 18-wheelers may veer off the roadway in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle, simply unable to come to an abrupt stop.

Truckers lament that many drivers simply do not realize how difficult it is to make a quick stop. Because it takes a tractor-trailer a lot more time and significantly more distance to reduce speed, cutting in front of one can be very risky.

Passing these rigs on the right is another dangerous maneuver, because right-side visibility is severely limited for these drivers. In any case of passing, drivers should be aware of a trucker’s blind spot and proceed with caution.

Local Accidents in the News

Accidents with big rigs are far too common here in Mississippi:

  • When a pickup truck pulled around a big rig to pass illegally in Hancock County, the 18-wheeler swerved to avoid a collision, leading to the rig driver’s death.
  • In Wayne County, one 18-wheeler attempted to pass another , ramming into it instead. That led to a pileup of vehicles, including a couple of trucks full of wood chips, a logging truck, and another 18-wheeler with a flatbed trailer in tow. Although traffic delays and property damage resulted, fortunately, no serious injuries occurred.
  • A man who was driving a pickup truck in Fulton inadvertently crashed into an 18-wheeler that was in the median of the road, crushing the pickup and killing its driver.

Following an Accident in your Rig

As the driver of a big rig, you are exposed to significant dangers every time you get behind the wheel. If local incidents cause serious personal injury, the heavy hitting team at the office of Derek L. Hall, PC will go to bat on your behalf. At stake are expenses related to medical costs, lost wages, and more. Contact us in Jackson for a free, confidential consultation today.


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