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Divorce / August 21, 2018

Considerations When Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is generally something no one plans on, and something that is relished by none. If you find yourself anticipating a split, there are some important issues to keep in mind as you select an attorney to be by your side through one of the most difficult experiences of your life.

Find someone who will really Fight

Decisions made during the divorce process will impact you for years to come. While compromise is a part of the process, you don’t want an attorney who will roll over for every demand of your former spouse. No, what you want is a heavy hitter who will go to bat to get you the best deal possible.

Go Local

You need a divorce lawyer who understands the nuances of Mississippi divorce law. Since laws vary by state, it is crucial that your selected attorney is clear about the possibilities relevant to your situation.

Do some Research

This is serious business, and deserves more than throwing darts into the yellow pages. Make appointments and interview a couple of attorneys to see if you get a good feel about what they have to offer. If you don’t click, it may not be a good match, and you should consider looking elsewhere.

Find Someone with Experience in special areas of Concern

Are you worried about custody issuesHidden assets? Dividing up a business? Every scenario is different, so be sure the lawyer you choose is familiar with the issues most pertinent to your situation.

Make Sure the Attorney is Experienced in the Courtroom

The person you engage to represent you in front of the judge needs to be able to put forth meaningful arguments on your behalf. You don’t want someone who fumbles with his or her words or seems nervous during the moment of truth!

Be certain your Attorney is Available for you

Has the person you hired committed to communicating with you on a regular basis? Will the two of you be able to work around scheduling problems in order to share updates to your case as needed? If not, you’re headed for frustration and/or disappointment.

Is the Attorney a Straight Shooter?

Sometimes in the height of emotion, it’s tough to see things as they really are. You need an attorney who’s willing to give it to you straight, whether or not it hurts. Having a realistic outlook as you progress through the process of divorce is the only way to move forward, and you need an attorney who is committed to keeping you on track.

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