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Personal Injury / May 16, 2023

5 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Cases

Filing a personal injury claim is something to be taken seriously yet many people can be put off due to common misconceptions. Usually, these misconceptions are not even close to the truth, which means you could be missing out on a claim because of myths you have read on the internet.

If you want to know more about a personal injury case, the best action to take is to speak to a personal injury attorney. Being hurt in an accident that was not your fault is enough to deal with, so allow the legalities to be taken care of by a professional.

Below we look at five common misconceptions about personal injury cases.

A Personal Injury Lawyer is Expensive

Many people are instantly put off from hiring a personal injury lawyer or speaking to them about their case because of the fees included. When speaking to a trusted and professional attorney, there will be no hidden fees. In fact, our law firm offers a completely free case review.

This means you can get legal help and advice surrounding your case, without spending a dollar. One of our lawyers can discuss the case with you, before deciding whether or not you would be able to make a claim. They can also give you a better idea of the process, any costs involved, and what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.

Although hiring a lawyer isn’t free, when you compare the costs to the compensation you could get from your claim, hiring a personal injury lawyer is worth it.

Personal Injury Claims Can Take Years

It is rare for a personal injury claim to take years to come to a settlement. The only settlements that can take a while to come to a conclusion are those that cause serious, life-threatening injuries, or wrongful deaths. This is more so due to the fact that many professionals need to be involved, and it can take longer to prove cases such as wrongful death.

That being said, the length of a personal injury claim should never stop you from pursuing a case, as a wrongful death attorney would take care of most of the work for you, giving you time to grieve and come to terms with your loss.

In the majority of cases, personal injury claims can be settled without going to court. This allows a case to be settled without time-consuming trials. Remember that defendants and insurance companies want to resolve a dispute just as quickly as you do, so it is very unlikely that your personal injury claim will take years to decide.

Our lawyers will do everything in their power to conclude your personal injury case quickly, so you can move forward with your life.

Compensation is Always Guaranteed

Unfortunately, compensation is never a guarantee, so you should stay clear of any law firm promising that the case will be completed within a certain time frame, or that you are guaranteed a set amount of compensation. Cases develop and as your attorney continues to search for ways to improve the compensation amount, defendant attorneys will be searching for ways to decrease the amount of compensation paid.

This is why you need a great personal injury attorney on your side, to improve your chances of a generous payout. When you first speak to a lawyer, they will let you know whether or not you have a chance of compensation, so you are more aware of your chances before you pursue a case. The more evidence an attorney has in your favor, the better your chances of compensation.

I Don’t Need a Lawyer, I Have Insurance

A lawyer is not the same as an insurance company. If you let your insurance company deal with a personal injury claim, they will attempt to settle for the lowest amount possible, as quickly as possible. Insurance companies aren’t trained in law to the same extent as personal injury attorneys, meaning they lack the experience and skill to seek compensation based on all your losses.

Hiring a lawyer is a much better option, as they have experience with insurance companies and the tactics they use for a quick, easy settlement. A personal injury lawyer will evaluate your claim independently, taking into account losses such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription costs
  • Loss of earnings due to time off work
  • Personal damages, such as damages to a car if you were injured in a car accident
  • Pain and suffering caused by the injury, such as how it has affected your life
  • Equipment bought or rented, such as wheelchairs or crutches
  • Emotional trauma caused by the accident

When dealing with an insurance company on your own, it can be difficult to know how to negotiate for the compensation that is rightly yours. Without extensive knowledge of insurance practices and the law, you are likely to settle for a low offer. Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury case is difficult enough without having to deal with your insurance company too.

You Can Take Your Time Before Speaking to an Attorney

This is a common misconception that could result in your personal injury case being declined by an attorney. When making a personal injury claim, time is of the essence. The longer you take to speak to a lawyer, the lower the chance of success. When forming a case for your personal injury claim, a lawyer needs to prove injuries by finding witnesses, gathering evidence, and locating defendants.

If too much time has passed since the injury, it will become harder for a lawyer to do this. Depending on the state in which you reside, there may be a time limit for how long you can wait before pursuing a personal injury claim.

As you can see, many misconceptions about personal injury cases simply aren’t true. For example, personal injury cases aren’t likely to take years to resolve, and you should not delay in seeking legal help if you have been involved in an accident that has caused injury to yourself.

To debunk any common misconceptions about personal injury cases, speak to one of the personal injury attorneys at Derek L. Hall, PC, today.

Alternatively, visit our Ridgeland office on 370 Towne Center Blvrd MS 39157. Or call now for a free consultation on (601) 981 4717.

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