What is a no contact order?

A no-contact order is a court order that one party not be allowed to contact another party. A typical situation is that there has been a domestic violence incident and there’s been police involvement. One party has been arrested. Typically, the arrested party is going to be ordered by the courts not to have contact with the victim until both parties can get back before a judge. That would be one type of no-contact order.

The other is a civil no-contact order, and that is where without necessarily a domestic violence incident, although that could be a component, you can seek private counsel and file a private lawsuit or action to have a no-contact order entered. And if there’s a violation of that no-contact order, then the person can be arrested and jailed and held until it can be brought before the court. It’s a measure of protection and a way to protect yourself or a family member from unwanted conduct or unwanted contact.