The Role Hazardous Driving Conditions Play in Car Accidents

Car Accidents

When you grab your car keys and head out the door, likely the last thing on your mind is getting in a car accident. Unfortunately, for far too many drivers, that is the reality. Even if you’re a safe and cautious driver who has never had so much as a ticket, you can still wind up in an accident thanks to the negligence of another driver. But did you know some conditions will increase the odds of your car getting hit by another?

Here’s a look at how hazardous driving conditions play a role in car accidents, how to drive for the conditions, and when it’s probably best to just stay off the roads.

Heavy Rain Makes for Extremely Poor Conditions

Many weather conditions will affect driving, and heavy rain has some of the most serious consequences. Not only does heavy rain affect visibility, especially during nighttime driving, but it also makes the roads slick. Hydroplaning can happen in a blink of an eye and send cars careening across the road, into the ditch or oncoming traffic.

High Winds Will Leave Drivers Fighting for Control

Wind can be just as treacherous to driving conditions as drivers fight to get control of their vehicles. The faster a car is going in high wind conditions, the more difficult it is to hang on to the wheel. Wind can also cause debris to fall onto the road suddenly, and drivers will need to take quick and effusive action.

Fog Has a Huge Impact on Visibility

Fog is another weather-related condition that can have disastrous results. The thicker the fog, the less visibility drivers have, which then negatively impacts their response time. If drivers don’t slow down, and drive to the conditions, they create a recipe for disaster.

A Sunny Day Also Presents Challenges

Then there are the ultra-sunny days where you assume all should be good on the roads, but the sun can create glare which also affects a driver’s ability to see properly. This is why it’s so important to wear sunglasses that fight the glare and allow you to see your surroundings without having to squint.

Non-Weather-Related Conditions Can Also Be Hazardous

People are quick to assume that hazardous driving conditions are usually weather-related, but other factors can be involved. The fact is that roads aren’t always maintained, and they can lead to driver error, overcorrection, and poor decisions.

Some of the most common hazardous driving conditions that aren’t weather-related include:

  • Potholes
  • Construction zones
  • Missing road signs
  • Signs that are hidden, or not easily visible
  • Missing barriers or guardrails
  • Traffic lights that aren’t working
  • Traffic lines that aren’t visible

These conditions become even more hazardous for drivers who aren’t familiar with the area and depend on signs to help them navigate the road.

What If You Are a Victim in a Car Accident?

Even though the weather may not be ideal for driving, there are some cases where you have no choice, and you have to be on the roads. Driving cautiously, slowing down, and being aware of road conditions are all important tips, but that doesn’t guarantee your safety. You can be the safest, most cautious driver out there, and yet you are still at risk. You can easily find yourself the victim of a car accident thanks to a negligent driver who wasn’t taking the same precautions as you.

So, what do you do if you’re in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence? The first concern is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if it appears you’ve only suffered minor injuries, it’s still important to be checked out to ensure there is nothing else such as internal injuries that may not be noticeable at first. After that, you’re going to want to contact us.

At Derek L, Hall PC law firm, we have extensive experience with personal injury cases, which means we can offer advice and file a claim for you. You may be eligible for compensation to cover such things as damage to your vehicle, medical bills, loss of work, mental anguish and more.

We understand how traumatic a car accident can be, so we want to alleviate the stress you feel about medical bills and being involved in a car accident claim, allowing you to focus on your recovery. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to get back to work before you’re healed simply because you can’t afford to stay home.

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