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As a medical records acquisitionist, Mary Barnard understands the importance of her role in the success of a client’s case. She is passionate about ensuring that all necessary medical records are properly ordered and acquired in order to provide evidence for the case. Her attention to detail and ability to quickly and efficiently obtain the medical records allows her clients to start building their legal case right away.

Mary works closely with legal staff and paralegals throughout the process, offering her advice and support whenever needed. She constantly looks for ways to improve and streamline the medical records gathering process in order to facilitate successful cases for her clients.

Mary’s knowledge about medical liens and notices is extremely important when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. She makes sure that any necessary paperwork is filed correctly, ensuring that her clients get the full compensation they deserve after an injury or accident.

Fun Fact:

  • Mary loves traveling to new places to experience different cultures and meet new people


  • Bachelor of Political Science, Mississippi College
  • Juris Doctorate, University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC Law)