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Andrew “Drew” Wilson is a well-rounded and experienced personal injury paralegal. His diverse experience in prelitigation, litigation, and process server within personal injury, estate, domestic, and criminal defense cases has given him the knowledge to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. He believes that developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything he does – both professionally and personally.

Drew’s approach to providing personal injury paralegal services is one that focuses on building trust with those he works with. He takes great care to ensure that clients receive 5-star service. Drew takes his personal involvement in his cases to heart be developing strong connections with clients and witnesses.

Drew’s commitment to building strong relationships extends beyond the clients. He also works closely with attorneys, insurance companies, and other involved parties in order to reach a resolution that best serves the client's interests. By taking this approach, Drew has been able to effectively assist in negotiating settlements that are beneficial for everyone involved.

Fun Fact:

  • Drew can solve any standard Rubik’s Cube problem in under 2 minutes